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Our vision

We exist to create a world where people live out their God-given calling, using their gifts to empower the lives of others.


"We believe the future belongs to those who dream God's dreams!" Learn more about The Calling's vision and mission


Read about how the humble beginnings of The Calling


Learn more about The Calling's founder Chrysanrda Brunson

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The Calling creates global, custom programs to help individuals of all races, ages and gifts unleash and live out their God-given dreams, by empowering generational spiritual transformation in them to make a positive impact on culture across the world.

Specifically, The Calling inspires people to discover their gifts and talents, empowers people by connecting them to strategic partners and equips people by providing tools and resources to fulfill their calling.

In short, The Calling supports and equips people to achieve their calling and is committed to partnering with our dreamers on their journey. Learn more here

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