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Haiti_01In this next season, we will be taking our message to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti.

We will be gathering global speakers, bands, and political leaders to awaken the unique gifts, strengths, talents, and that every person has a CALLING. We will accomplish this by giving individuals the opportunity to participate in a dynamic mentoring program (we developed and are training local community leaders to implement during and after the conference) that enables them to pursue and be accountable to fulfill their CALLING. As individuals are activated to their fullest potential, we believe that families will be changed, communities will be transformed and the nation of Haiti will have an awakened entrepreneurial spirit that will then eliminate poverty and empower the Haitians to utilize the many resources their country has to offer the world.

We invite you to join The Calling in January 2020 for a Global Awakening in the poorest country of the world, Haiti. This will include a global simlucast and million person gathering.

We are so blessed to have those who have already come on board to help us orchestrate a successful event. With the experts in underpinning adelaide, the groundwork has been laid, and we are in full fundraising mode. Considering this conference is in the poorest country in the world, we cannot expect Haitians to pay to come to this event. We appreciate your willingness to help restore Haiti to all it was intended to be. Below you will find details of the event:

The Calling Haiti Conference will be held outside the Palace in Port Au Prince. We have chosen the date of January 12th 2020, the 10th year anniversary of the horrific earthquake in 2010, because this will be a significant time of reflection and great opportunity to build hope and restoration for the future. In addition to the Global Conference which we are expecting 1,000,000 Haitians to attend, we will have 5 days of seminars to serve the Haitian community leaders and Haitian politicians.

We are expecting the conference to draw the attention of the whole world as people of influence come together to help Haiti and it is televised on national broadcasting networks. The world will then see and be inspired because if the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere world can go after their CALLING, the world can too!

After the conference, Haitians will be left with resources to continue to help them develop this new mindset and ultimate economy shift. Leaving a life long legacy, we hope to build a Haitian Calling Dream Center, also known as our Imagination Station, where Haitians would be able to come and be equipped to live out their CALLING. This would include the opportunity for them to utilize technology, to learn leadership and occupational skills, and get accountability to fulfill their purpose.

We are looking for partners to help create a life-changing and nation transforming opportunity for the people of Haiti. Will you join us in this global movement?

  • Get involved in this life-changing & nation transforming opportunity:
  • Help the people of Haiti be inspired and empowered by funding The Calling Conference
  • Help Haiti by funding the building and running of The Calling Dream Center
  • Come to Haiti and be part of building The Calling Dream Center
  • Share this historical opportunity within your sphere of influence
  • Endorse The Calling