allie_lauritson“A few years back, I was on your first Calling Conference team! I felt so important being the “Director of Marketing” (which is so funny, looking back on it now.) I just wanted to let you know that through my involvement with The Calling Conference, I was called to be involved with and ultimately lead outreaches that minister to exotic dancers. To make a long story short, Sweets and Stilettos (that’s what I named it!) has 3 different ministry teams now and is launching a 4th shortly. We visit 5 different clubs monthly and just launched out new website this week! Check it out!

Thanks again for encouraging people to follow their calling. It was really hard for me, and I ran away from it several different times, but God has a plan in mind and apparently wants me stickin to it 🙂

Love you always!

Allie Lauritson


michelle“Wow! God surprised me this time! Through my involved in the organization, The Calling, God inspired me to put my new book together, Activating God’s power. The Calling is an organization that is inspiring, empowering, and equipping people to fulfill their God given purpose. In most cases this is fulfilling a God given dream that someone may have had in there heart for a long time, but in my case, because of The Calling, God revealed something that He wanted me to do, a CALLING, and that was writing this book. I would have never desired doing such a thing, but being obedient to God’s will for my life has proven to be such a blessing! Thank you Chrysandra Brunson! Thank you The Calling! Thank you God!

I encourage everyone to seek after God’s will (AKA CALLING) for their lives, not there own. I assure you, you will never regret it and you will be surprised!” – Michelle

Check out Activating God’s Power at, click on the book page or watch this video: