Exotic Dancers Given Real Sweets

I just wanted to let you know that through my involvement with The Calling Conferences as the Marketing Director, I was called to be involved with and ultimately lead outreaches that minister to exotic dancers. To make a long story short, Sweet and Stilettos (that’s what I name it)!

Sweets and Stilettos has 3 different ministry teams now and is launching a 4th shortly.  We visit 5 different clubs monthly and just launched a new website! “

Sweets And Stilettos

Thanks again for encouraging people to follow their calling. It was really hard for me, and I ran away from it several times, but God has a plan in mind and apparently wants me stickin’ to it!

I hope that you can see the tremendous ways the Lord is moving in and through The Calling. Will you support The Calling in helping individuals live for Jesus Christ fearlessly? As each person fully understands the potential they have with Jesus Christ living in them, this will reveal Heaven to earth. Thank you for taking the time to pray and asking God how He wants you to be involved in The Calling. Hope to see and talk to you all soon! – Allie Lauritson

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