A Rae of Sunshine

Rae Harris knows firsthand what it’s like to be impacted by The Calling.  Rae first met Chrysandra and The Calling through what we call a “divine appointment,” and it’s left a lifelong, fulfilling impact with ripple effects for not only Rae but for those who have also been influenced through her life.

Like many who find themselves intertwined with The Calling, Rae and her business partner Kyle knew someone who knew someone who knew someone.  “Someone” eventually turned out to be Chrysandra and The Calling back when it was just a fledgling ministry getting off the ground.  Chrysandra was in need of some office space for The Calling, and Rae just happened to have some available for her. 

Rae recalls that handing Chrysandra a key to her new office space opened up a season in which “she brought her ray of sunshine to our little community and she was a joy to have for the short amount of time that we had her.”  As The Calling set up shop in Rae’s building, she became more acquainted with what exactly it means to seek to live out your calling and help others to do the same.jacqueline-cossio-1

It was not longer after that the economy took a significant downturn, and many small business owners might recall the dark time of struggling to keep their doors open during a season of unknowns.  Rae, along with Kyle, was working to find ways to grow the business, but were struggling to see that growth in a tangible way. Enter Bill Roth, a personal, professional and career coach who also knew someone who knew someone.  Bill offered Rae and Kyle an opportunity to acquire their own coaching licenses and they jumped at the chance.  The key concepts of the coaching included goal setting, a positive attitude of gratitude and elements of discipline.  While the coaching made a difference in Rae’s personal perspective, she also saw an opportunity to use it in ways that The Calling had directly impacted her on a personal level.

At first, Rae began coaching clients in the professional business world who needed some direction, but she found that it wasn’t fulfilling for her in the way that she had anticipated.  Listening to her heart and seeking her own God-given calling, Rae made a connection with the Hope House,  a nonprofit facility that assists teen moms with developing personal and economic self-sufficiency as well as an understanding of their significance in God’s sight.  Rae began coaching some of these young women.

Through working with these teen moms, Rae began to see her personal calling sparking their own callings.  “These girls have dreams and goals, and I always knew I could make a difference by guiding and encouraging them.   This was the perfect opportunity for me to step in and do just that.”   Rae reflects on two young women in particular, and watching them discover, evaluate and grow their dreams into real life businesses that can sustain them for the long term and give themjacqueline-cossio-2 confidence and direction.  She refers to Jacquelyn , who had a dream to start a company that
provides children’s character themed parties.  Her business, Princess Parties of Colorado, has successfully provided entertainment at the Children’s Museum and participated in this year’s Cinco de Mayo parade to name only two accomplishments.  Another young woman, Danielle Jones, heard the call to begin her own photography company.  Embrace Time Photography now hails as a successful business.  Danielle was  recently engaged by Basis Team Foundation to shoot their Inaugural Golf Tournament at Homestead Golf Course.  Both of these extraordinary ladies can be found on Facebook for more information.


Rae also shares that through financial gain with her business success with AAA Building Maintenance and Basics Team Foundation, she is also now able to give back more generously and graciously to those in need.  She attributes her current situation in life to be a direct outpouring of the direction that she got about seeking her own life’s calling while Chrysandra and the ministry was in her building.  “She was a breath of fresh air and proof that God was working in spite of apparent difficulties.  Chrysandra has that remarkable unshakable faith – no matter what.”  

Rae says The Calling was Heaven sent and changed her life when she most needed it.  

Why not let it do the same for you?



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