Divine Appointments: Curve Ahead – by Taya Johnson

Working for The Calling has been a daily reminder to me of how God uses us in exactly the place we are for just as long as He wants us to be there. I’ve been challenged every day to seek out the best way to use my gifts and talents, and The Calling has supported […]

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Save Me From Myself

Cammie Jo Wires is from the Washington, DC metro area and currently works full time in behavior therapy at an alternative school for students with physical, emotion, and learning disabilities. Cammie Jo holds an Associates of Science degree in Social Science from Northern Virginia Community College and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology with […]

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A Rae of Sunshine

Rae Harris knows firsthand what it’s like to be impacted by The Calling.  Rae first met Chrysandra and The Calling through what we call a “divine appointment,” and it’s left a lifelong, fulfilling impact with ripple effects for not only Rae but for those who have also been influenced through her life. Like many who […]

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The Calling, The Ark Encounter and Ken Ham

Sometimes you find yourself in circumstances that you couldn’t have imagined. While attending the CBA Unite 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio at the end of June, The Calling’s Chrysandra found herself engaged in conversation with new friends about both her ministry and theirs. During lunch, President of Answers in Genesis Ken Ham had intrigued listeners as […]

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Divine Appointments: Reminders from a Hummingbird

Somewhere along the line, hummingbirds became a personal symbol of something special for me. Usually appearing when I most desperately needed peace during a time of grief, I started to see God’s gentle consoling with the expeditious appearance and then rapid disappearance of the fleeting little bird. I have always put up hummingbird feeders and […]

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Divine Appointments – Meeting Chrysandra

Meeting Chrysandra You know that feeling you get when you suddenly realize while you are heading somewhere to do something that you really don’t want to go? I know it well – and I was trying to get to an exercise class but I was running late, tired, kind of grouchy about it and suddenly realized that I […]

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